Life After Trek Podcast Episode 23 Featuring Huston Huddleston - Enterprise-D Restoration Project

We’re pleased to announce episode 23 of our “Life After Trek” podcast, Huston Huddleston of the Enterprise-D Bridge Restoration Project. Many of you may know of the Kickstarter funded project that met it's full funding targets, and then some, last year. We got the chance to meet Huston at the Austin Comic Con last November and were so stoked about the project that had to get an interview for Life After Trek.

For those who don't know about the Enterprise-D Restoration Project; is an ongoing project to entirely restore an official Star Trek Next Generation Enterprise Bridge set that Paramount created in the late 1990s to be used for display, after the ORIGINAL TV Set was COMPLETELY DESTROYED in the film STAR TREK:GENERATIONS. This replica set was created under the supervision of Herman Zimmerman and Michael Okuda.

We had a great time learning more about the projects origins as well as its future aspirations. If you'd like to learn more about the D Restoration and how you can get involved, be sure to check out the official website